Giftomatic inspires millions of Gift card owners "what to buy"


Giftomatic is an innovative tech-company from Amsterdam, specialized in building innovative gift card solutions.

Additional profit

Unlock extra revenue for online transations, in The Netherlands this is approx £1,5 per online redemption.

Improve customer experience

Offer card holders the tools they need to enjoy their gift card even more.


Receive aggregated data about card holders and the online transactions they make.

The tools

Unwrapping experience

After receiving or swapping a card, the Giftomatic unwrap experience makes the gift more memorable.

Product promotions

Showcase products of a single webshop, filter on most popular or highest discount.


Offer a product search-engine to card holders which contains products that are available and can be purchased with their gift card.

Example Search engine

This is an example of the Giftomatic Search engine. Dimensions, style & content can all be adjusted to your companies wishes.

Example Unwrap page

The unwrap page is the perfect “thank you” page after a gift card swap, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and high conversionrates.

Product promotions

This is a smart snippet, which can be place on any webpage or email. Different settings possible.


Once integrated, Giftomatic will generate an additional revenue stream. This has no impact on current systems, flows or agreement with the card partners.

High margins

Retailers generally run an affiliate program to ensure traffic is driven to their webshop, they select products for Giftomatic with a high conversion and high margins.

Revenue on entire basket

Giftomatic generates an additional commission on the entire basket size, which is higher than only the card value.

Monthly payments

You receive a report, creditslip and payment on a monthly basis. No need for further action on your side.


We did all the hard work to make sure implementation is as easy as possible on your end.


All Giftomatic tools work as a websnippet and can be embedded in a webpage. This works similar to embedding a Youtube video.


The Giftomatic tools will have the same look & feel as the style of the website, to ensure that card holders experience it as a native element.


Giftomatic has a broad network of affiliate partners, which gives access to product feeds and affiliate monetization.

Why Giftomatic


The Giftomatic founders have 15+ years experience in affiliate marketing and have generated over €200 million in revenues.

With a large international network and experts of Giftomatic on your side, it will be a big success.


Giftomatic has 1 focus: tools & affiliate partnerships. This results in optimizations, new tools and the highest payouts possible for your company.

Start monetizing

With Giftomatic on your side, you can activate the tools quickly without any upfront investment.

What our partners say

We implemented in 2020 and it is a huge succes for our giftcard holders! A big step forward in the customer experience and on top of that a great extra revenue stream. Giftomatic is the best innovation since years!

Since we are using Giftomatic, our card holders are even more satisfied with the YourGift card. Giftomatic is continuously innovating and brings our redemption process to the next level.


Giftomatic has truly delivered on their software. They have allowed us to gain more grip and control on online redemptions, which runs smooth and enjoyable for all existing and new customers Giftomatic generates.


With the Giftomatic tools, Bijenkorf reaches high quality consumers to whom we can highlight our best performing products.


Let's innovate together!