Giftomatic is a revolution

Read here why Gift card companies are working with Giftomatic

By implementing the Giftomatic tools, card holders can search across the products of all connected retailers. This makes it much easier to find the product they wish to purchase in the store that they prefer.

Many card holders don’t know yet what to buy with their card. Giftomatic algorithms display popular categories and products, to inspire card holders.

Giftomatic offers a unique way to monetize gift card redemptions.

Giftomatic has partnerships with participating retailers (e.g. Asos), who allow Giftomatic to promote their products via a special product feed. These are high converting, high margin products. Giftomatic agreed a commission structure, and shares a part of this commission with the gift card company.

Every month you can receive a report with the results and a payslip.

additional revenue

The paid commission is for the entire order value, which includes the overspent.

Giftomatic generates aggregated anonymous (GDPR compliant) data while card holders are shopping. This data helps you getting a better picture of your card holders.

What to expect?

  • Get to know the total ordervalue per webshop
  • Discover demographics such as gender, age, location
  • Learn product & category interests of card holders


Additional profit

Unlock extra revenue for online transations, in The Netherlands this approx £1,5 per online redemption.

Improve customer experience

Offer card holders the tools they need to enjoy their gift card even more.


Receive aggregated data about card holders and the online transactions they make.

The tools

Unwrapping experience

After receiving or swapping a card, the Giftomatic unwrap experience makes the gift more memorable.

Product promotions

Showcase products of a single webshop, filter on most popular or highest discount.


Offer a product search-engine to card holders which contains products that are available and can be purchased with their gift card.